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Beaumont Personal Watercraft Accident Attorney

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Texas Jet Ski Accident Attorney

Over the last decade, sales of personal watercraft have boomed. Commonly referred to as Jet Skis, WaveRunners, or Sea-Doos, these watercraft are manufactured by Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Bombardier, respectively. Accidents involving personal watercraft continue to rise, even as conventional recreational accidents have declined. The personal watercraft manufacturers have made only minimal engineering and design changes despite the growing incidence of accidents involving their products.

Personal watercraft have some inherent design flaws that manufacturers either cannot or will not address. For example, when the operator of a personal watercraft attempts to slow down or stop, he or she actually loses the ability to fully control the direction of the craft.

The Mazzola Law Firm, PLLC is dedicated to helping accident victims get the medical care and compensation they need to rebuild their lives. We have represented a number of clients in personal watercraft accident cases and work tenaciously to get results for our clients.

Contact our firm if you or a loved one has been seriously injured by a personal watercraft. Attorney Brian N. Mazzola can review your case and explain what our firm can do to get compensation for your losses and suffering.

Compensation for Personal Watercraft Accident Victims

The Mazzola Law Firm, PLLC has successfully prosecuted claims involving personal watercraft. When representing you, we will document the cause of the accident and the manufacturer's liability, and place value on your economic and non-economic losses. We will aggressively seek full and fair compensation for you.

Personal Watercraft Orifice Injuries

One particularly serious personal watercraft injury occurs when a rider falls off the back of the craft and into the path of the craft's high-pressure water jet. The jet thrust is powerful enough to push water into the rider's orifices, which can result in severe mutilating injuries to the rider's vagina, rectum or anus, and possibly death.

Brian N. Mazzola has handled cases involving orifice injuries and others caused by personal watercraft and boating accidents. Our firm will be your strong advocate, seeking the medical care and compensation you need to rebuild your life.

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